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07.06.2013 16:02 - Love is like a DSLR camera
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Love is like a DSLR camera.

You have a photographic gear, one that is enough sophisticated and advance in technology to produce the perfect image.
Unfortunately, to use this device you need proffessional skills to create that perfect image you want.

And what is that "perfect image" anyway?

An image at real life conditions, where you must choose the best angle to capture it, to make decisions on how to adjust to the illumination, focus accurately and most importantly - choose the correct ROI.

Is there a "perfect image"?

Can you cease the moment and be sure you"ve captured the best one?
Noone can be sure, so there are different modes that you can choose from and try to match the scene. This is not always the best thing to do, as there may not be all the modes needed.

Ofcourse as the DSLRs there is always that delete button, used when you feel no more satisfaction of the picture you made.

Every one needs a delete button.

Sometimes the images are too blurry or have false details, that create an unrealistic view of the scene. If you try to make them better, often the image becomes pale and lifeless. You realize the difference between too saturated image and the real life one. That is when you need to press the delete button. Because no matter how beautifull and vivid it may seems the image is actually way incorrect and misleading.

Again, unfortunately, there are many people that do not know when to hit the button. They are satisfyed with the captured image and decide that it is close enough to use it. They must see a reference, an image capturing the same or similar scene, made by another DSLR. Then you can compare the differences and see how two DSLR cameras vary in the "presenting the real life". If one does not see when there is a difference in the images then one is just a simple user, who does not put heart into its way of capturing or is too much into his own DSLR that one will not admit it has a fault.

So finally, why do we use DSLR cameras, as they have too much things to be known for them ?

The answer is simple.
We need them.
Everyone has memories that need to be preserved, moments to be captured, things to remember.

This is part of being a human being.

Making tons of choices for just the right image and no matter what - taking another shot if all fails.

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